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Photo by Jen Kilbourne

Photo by Jen Kilbourne

matlin - founder/lead organizer

While I began my professional career as a teacher, I always had this side affair with my closet. I enjoy keeping a limited wardrobe but also don't love wearing the same thing more than a few times, so I began re-selling. Soon enough, I was helping others de-clutter their closets as well.

Keeping your space organized is more than just re-selling or donating...

It's giving things a purposeful place.
It's being in control of what you have.
It's creating systems that work for you.
It's a lifestyle. 

While my organizing career began with closets, I now love helping hard-working families like yours with every aspect of their homes, After everything else you accomplish in a day...

You deserve it. 


the team

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brooke /
lead organizer

Her favorite space to organize: Closets! Especially baby closets.

The one thing in her closet that she will never get rid of: My black Joe’s Jeans. They never fail me!

Minimized Closet Charlotte NC Professional Organizer

christine /
assistant organizer

Her favorite space to organize: Kitchens— drawers, fridges and pantries! Especially for busy families. Things tend to accumulate over time, so creating an efficient environment in your kitchen can save time and money. 

The one thing in her closet that she will never get rid of: My wedding dress. After paying for our wedding I couldn’t justify the expense to have my dress preserved. so now I wear it around the house every year on our anniversary!

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darrien /
assistant organizer

Her favorite space to organize: Bathrooms & vanities! I’m a true girly-girl at heart, and get how important it is to have all of your go-to beauty products organized and clutter free. Plus, who doesn’t want their home to look/feel like a spa?

The one thing in her closet that she will never get rid of: As ugg-ly (hahaha) as they are, I absolutely refuse to let go of a pair of UGG boots I still have from the seventh grade. They’re still just as warm and comfortable as ever, and now I’m really just curious to see how long they last. 

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.
— William Morris

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