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Minimized, LLC is a boutique professional organizing company based in the Charlotte area. Specializing in decluttering, reselling, organizing, and styling; we will help you find the perfect blend of function and beauty in your space.


Meet Matlin, the founder & lead organizer of Minimized, Learn more about the team and the "why" behind our brand.

Getting started can be the most overwhelming step of the organizing process. Let us take that stress off your shoulders!

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what our clients are saying:

I can’t say enough nice things about working with all the girls at Minimized . With my husband being a professional athlete, my three boys and I are constantly packing up and moving around to all the different cities he plays in all over the country. I consider myself an organized person but just started to give up after all the moves. We just finished building a home here in Charlotte and my husband had to leave for 7 months to go play two days after the move. Boxes everywhere! To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement. The girls at Minimized totally put my overwhelmed mind at ease! They helped me unpack and made “homes” for everything that came out of the boxes. They were so sweet, easy to work with and accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. As a busy momma of three boys they truly were a gift! I love the results and they went above and beyond to make it just right for our family! I would highly recommend Minimized you won’t regret it!
— Kathleen R.
I had a great experience working with Minimized. Matlin made the entire process easy and enjoyable. She wasn’t overwhelmed by the playroom, craft room, or office clutter that had accumulated over time. She jumped right in and helped get each space organized and functional for our family. Now I know where everything is in my office and the kids can easily find the toys or art supplies they are looking for. I love to organize, but with two small children found it nearly impossible to tackle an organization project that we could maintain. That’s where Matlin came in. She helped declutter and recommended the correct products to contain each item that was causing clutter. She also made labels for our playroom baskets that have been super helpful at cleanup time. I’d definitely recommend Matlin and her team at Minimized for any organization projects!
— Emily N.
We had a wonderful experience! We hired Minimized to kick start some major purging that needed to happen in preparation for twin boys arriving this summer. In our two 3-hour sessions, we accomplished more than I would have done in two full weekends on my own. It was so helpful to have someone to help me decide what to sell, what to donate and what to keep, not to mention handling all the logistics of selling/donating the castoffs. Our closets are completely reorganized and we have so much more room for my husband and our boys. Matlin and Minimized made the entire process easy and painless!
— Jamie H.
I really wanted to avoid this appointment but Matlin jumped right in to the task at hand and made it so easy for me. I am sooo happy I did it! So much mental space cleared because it’s not on my to-do list anymore.
— Laina K.


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