Gift Ideas for the Minimalist In Your Life

Gift Ideas for Minimalists


With Valentine’s Day coming up, many of you may be on the hunt for that last minute way to say “I love you” to the people who mean the most in your life - but how do you give a gift to someone who says they don’t want any more THINGS?

Whether your valentine is just starting the process of living a more minimal lifestyle or is someone who has mastered the art of living with less, below are a few gift ideas that won’t necessarily take up physical space.

I am a huge fan of The Five Languages of Love & will mention them a few times throughout this list. If you or your loved one haven’t discovered your love language, take the quiz here!



My own love language is gifts - which is a tricky one for someone who doesn’t want more things. One of my most memorable gifts was some of my favorite Belizean hot sauce that is impossible to get in the US - my thoughtful parents were able to find it and get it shipped! If your valentine has a favorite food that they are not able to get often or just don’t treat themselves to on a regular basis, it’s the perfect time to surprise them with it. As long as it’s something they enjoy, it won’t be taking up their space for long!!



Take the stress out of a trip for the person you love by doing the planning on your own. Take care of the travel and overnight arrangements, so all they will have to do is pack a bag! This gift is perfect for the quality time love language - show that you care by committing to spend this time together in a new place.


Gifts for a Minimalist


One of the most popular gifts recently have been DNA kits. This is perfect for the minimalist in your life, because it’s all about the experience and discovery. There are a few different brands - find the one that you prefer & have a kit sent to your loved one for a nice Valentine’s surprise!



Giving the gift of experiences and creating new memories together is the perfect way to say “I love you.” Whether your valentine is a fan of musicals, country concerts, or sporting events, finding an upcoming event to attend together will show them that you’re thinking ahead and want to enjoy being a part of what makes them happy!



If your valentine’s love language is words of affirmation, nothing will ever beat taking the time to put some words on paper. They’ll appreciate not only the words, but also the time and thought that you put into it - so make an effort! Share some of your favorite memories, things that you love about them, or things that you look forward to doing together.


Gifts for a Minimalist - Spa Day


No one can complain at the thought of a day just to relax and pamper themselves. Whether it’s a photo shoot with a local photographer, an hour long massage, or even an at home DIY spa day, your valentine will definitely appreciate the thought behind it! If your loved one has the love language of physical touch, taking the time to help them relax yourself will be the most meaningful - and requires less spending on your part!



If your valentine enjoys giving to the community or has a cause that is close to their heart, consider giving a donation in their name in lieu of a typical gift. They will appreciate not only the gift that you’re giving to others, but also admire the fact that you recognized what was important to them.



While subscription boxes often are full of more “things,” there are some that could be fitting for the minimalist in your life. A couple of options could be wine/beer or snack boxes (since these are often included in that edible category) or monthly clothing rentals (perfect for those who don’t like to buy new clothes often but love fashion). Whether you sign them up for a one month trial, or for an extended period, it’s a thoughtful gift that will keep giving.


Gifts for a Minimalist - Work Out


Is there anything your valentine has wanted to try but hasn’t been able to? This could include anything from cooking classes to a new workout class. Many local businesses will offer gift certificates or trials that could be given as the perfect gift for a minimalist who wants to get out there and learn something new!



A day free of errands would be the perfect retreat for anyone, but is especially meaningful if your loved one has the love language of acts of service. Offering to take care of all household chores or running errands such as dry cleaning, grocery shopping, carpooling, etc., will allow your valentine a nice break - especially if they are the ones who are generally doing most of that work.

For busy families who may not have the time to take all errands off one another's hands - reach out to services that can help! Minimized Closet offers gift certificates for organizing sessions that are the perfect gift for those who don't have that extra time - and many other local services do the same. Ask around!


If you have a perfect gift for minimalists that wasn’t included on this list, be sure to add it in the comments below!