Create Your Own Keepsake Box

diy keepsake box

As a parent, it is tempting to keep EVERY. SINGLE. THING. But all of those pieces of artwork, notes, school work samples, and awards/certificates are going to pile up faster than you could ever imagine.

A great way to calm the clutter is to create a boundary for what you’re going to keep - and we love using keepsake boxes to solve this problem for our clients!

Use a file box with either legal or letter size hanging folders to create a space for your children’s memories to live. A normal file box is fine if it’s going to be kept inside, but there are also great weathertight options for boxes being kept in garages or storage. We recommend using a neutral color that you’ll love throughout the years, but there are also tons of fun options that could add a pop of color to the box!

Label each folder in a way that makes sense to you. This may be one folder for each age, or folders for each grade with general folders to begin with (baby/toddler/pre-k.) Investing in a Brother label maker is never a bad idea to create great consistent labels - And we promise, you’ll quickly become addicted and want to label everything around your home!

We keep a yearly questionnaire in the front of each folder. This will be such a fun piece to look back at once your child has outgrown their keepsake box. You can create your own by writing out a short list of questions for your child to answer each year when you go through the box together.

Check out our video below to learn more about taking control of the paper clutter!