5 Moving Day Mistakes That Leave Moms Tired & Stressed

5 Moving Mistakes That Leave Moms Tired & Stressed

1 - She forgot to pack a survival kit.

No matter how hard you try, you’re going to have to save a few things to pack last minute. Don’t make the mistake of simply packing an overnight bag and forgetting some important essentials - for every member of the family!

Keep medications, toiletries, a first aid kit, and your bedding handy, so that they’re ready when you need them after the move.

2 - She didn't arrange for pet/child care.

It doesn’t seem like too bad of an idea to keep the kids around on moving day… until that day comes. Trust us, you and your movers will be much better off without the distraction (and hazards) of children or pets running through the home the day of the move.

If a neighbor or close family member isn’t an option, at least keep a designated space in the home for children and pets to stay during the move to avoid any last minute stresses.

3 - She decided to "wing it" instead of hiring help.

This goes for the packing, the moving, and the unpacking. The whole process of moving is stressful enough, so do yourself a favor by making a small investment to hire help each step of the way.

Professional organizers are a great investment when it comes to both packing *and* unpacking your items. They’re able to come up with a plan and get the organization done for you, so that it’s just another thing off of your plate. They will often set up & organize the home the day of the move as well, so you’ll avoid having boxes sitting around for weeks after!

4 - She has no idea what’s in the boxes.

If you had an organizer help with your packing, this should already be done for you - but in the unfortunate case that you already made mistake #3, we hope you took inventory!

People prefer to do this in different ways, and it’s up to you (or your organizer) to decide what works best. Organizers will often suggest making a master list of all items and either numbering the boxes or using a color coding system to know which rooms boxes will go in the new home.

5 - She didn’t declutter before the move.

We’re willing to bet there’s at least one bin or box in your home that has been through multiple moves but still has yet to be opened or utilized. Do you even know what’s in there anymore?

Going through and decluttering before moving day means less to pack, less to move, and less to unpack - plus you’ll feel so much more refreshed with a little less *junk* in your new home!