5 Moving Day Mistakes That Leave Moms Tired & Stressed

5 Moving Mistakes That Leave Moms Tired & Stressed

1 - She forgot to pack a survival kit.

No matter how hard you try, you’re going to have to save a few things to pack last minute. Don’t make the mistake of simply packing an overnight bag and forgetting some important essentials - for every member of the family!

Keep medications, toiletries, a first aid kit, and your bedding handy, so that they’re ready when you need them after the move.

2 - She didn't arrange for pet/child care.

It doesn’t seem like too bad of an idea to keep the kids around on moving day… until that day comes. Trust us, you and your movers will be much better off without the distraction (and hazards) of children or pets running through the home the day of the move.

If a neighbor or close family member isn’t an option, at least keep a designated space in the home for children and pets to stay during the move to avoid any last minute stresses.

3 - She decided to "wing it" instead of hiring help.

This goes for the packing, the moving, and the unpacking. The whole process of moving is stressful enough, so do yourself a favor by making a small investment to hire help each step of the way.

Professional organizers are a great investment when it comes to both packing *and* unpacking your items. They’re able to come up with a plan and get the organization done for you, so that it’s just another thing off of your plate. They will often set up & organize the home the day of the move as well, so you’ll avoid having boxes sitting around for weeks after!

4 - She has no idea what’s in the boxes.

If you had an organizer help with your packing, this should already be done for you - but in the unfortunate case that you already made mistake #3, we hope you took inventory!

People prefer to do this in different ways, and it’s up to you (or your organizer) to decide what works best. Organizers will often suggest making a master list of all items and either numbering the boxes or using a color coding system to know which rooms boxes will go in the new home.

5 - She didn’t declutter before the move.

We’re willing to bet there’s at least one bin or box in your home that has been through multiple moves but still has yet to be opened or utilized. Do you even know what’s in there anymore?

Going through and decluttering before moving day means less to pack, less to move, and less to unpack - plus you’ll feel so much more refreshed with a little less *junk* in your new home!

Gift Ideas for the Minimalist In Your Life

Gift Ideas for Minimalists


With Valentine’s Day coming up, many of you may be on the hunt for that last minute way to say “I love you” to the people who mean the most in your life - but how do you give a gift to someone who says they don’t want any more THINGS?

Whether your valentine is just starting the process of living a more minimal lifestyle or is someone who has mastered the art of living with less, below are a few gift ideas that won’t necessarily take up physical space.

I am a huge fan of The Five Languages of Love & will mention them a few times throughout this list. If you or your loved one haven’t discovered your love language, take the quiz here!



My own love language is gifts - which is a tricky one for someone who doesn’t want more things. One of my most memorable gifts was some of my favorite Belizean hot sauce that is impossible to get in the US - my thoughtful parents were able to find it and get it shipped! If your valentine has a favorite food that they are not able to get often or just don’t treat themselves to on a regular basis, it’s the perfect time to surprise them with it. As long as it’s something they enjoy, it won’t be taking up their space for long!!



Take the stress out of a trip for the person you love by doing the planning on your own. Take care of the travel and overnight arrangements, so all they will have to do is pack a bag! This gift is perfect for the quality time love language - show that you care by committing to spend this time together in a new place.


Gifts for a Minimalist


One of the most popular gifts recently have been DNA kits. This is perfect for the minimalist in your life, because it’s all about the experience and discovery. There are a few different brands - find the one that you prefer & have a kit sent to your loved one for a nice Valentine’s surprise!



Giving the gift of experiences and creating new memories together is the perfect way to say “I love you.” Whether your valentine is a fan of musicals, country concerts, or sporting events, finding an upcoming event to attend together will show them that you’re thinking ahead and want to enjoy being a part of what makes them happy!



If your valentine’s love language is words of affirmation, nothing will ever beat taking the time to put some words on paper. They’ll appreciate not only the words, but also the time and thought that you put into it - so make an effort! Share some of your favorite memories, things that you love about them, or things that you look forward to doing together.


Gifts for a Minimalist - Spa Day


No one can complain at the thought of a day just to relax and pamper themselves. Whether it’s a photo shoot with a local photographer, an hour long massage, or even an at home DIY spa day, your valentine will definitely appreciate the thought behind it! If your loved one has the love language of physical touch, taking the time to help them relax yourself will be the most meaningful - and requires less spending on your part!



If your valentine enjoys giving to the community or has a cause that is close to their heart, consider giving a donation in their name in lieu of a typical gift. They will appreciate not only the gift that you’re giving to others, but also admire the fact that you recognized what was important to them.



While subscription boxes often are full of more “things,” there are some that could be fitting for the minimalist in your life. A couple of options could be wine/beer or snack boxes (since these are often included in that edible category) or monthly clothing rentals (perfect for those who don’t like to buy new clothes often but love fashion). Whether you sign them up for a one month trial, or for an extended period, it’s a thoughtful gift that will keep giving.


Gifts for a Minimalist - Work Out


Is there anything your valentine has wanted to try but hasn’t been able to? This could include anything from cooking classes to a new workout class. Many local businesses will offer gift certificates or trials that could be given as the perfect gift for a minimalist who wants to get out there and learn something new!



A day free of errands would be the perfect retreat for anyone, but is especially meaningful if your loved one has the love language of acts of service. Offering to take care of all household chores or running errands such as dry cleaning, grocery shopping, carpooling, etc., will allow your valentine a nice break - especially if they are the ones who are generally doing most of that work.

For busy families who may not have the time to take all errands off one another's hands - reach out to services that can help! Minimized Closet offers gift certificates for organizing sessions that are the perfect gift for those who don't have that extra time - and many other local services do the same. Ask around!


If you have a perfect gift for minimalists that wasn’t included on this list, be sure to add it in the comments below!

Closet Cleanout 101: The Ultimate Guide to Finally Getting That [Stuff] Organized

Closet Cleanout 101

I’m sharing the five steps that I use to help clients do major closet clean-outs. Use the free closet cleanout printable to turn a chaotic closet into your organized oasis.

I absolutely LOVE working with closets - if you couldn’t already tell by the name. Even in the most beautiful homes, closets can easily become a shoving place - an easy way to hide the clutter.

Today we’re focusing on my favorite closet of all - the master closet! This is the closet that you see on a daily basis, so it should be a place where you feel relaxed & at home.

You’re probably here because your closet has gotten a little out of control. Below are the five steps that you can use to work your way towards the closet that you deserve!

1. Take. Everything. Out

Photo: yourstrulyjen.com

Photo: yourstrulyjen.com

Yes, everything! Taking everything out of your closet will not only be a wake up call to realizing how much STUFF is really in there, but you may even give yourself a little present by finding things tucked in corners that you forgot you had!


2. Get Your Color-Coding On

Photo: Douglas Friedman / The Nest

Photo: Douglas Friedman / The Nest

Sorting by color within categories will allow you to easily see the gaps in your wardrobe, as well as the issues. You may think you need 10 different white lace tops, but I promise that you don’t.


3. Be Honest With Yourself

Photo: Douglas Friedman / The Nest

Photo: Douglas Friedman / The Nest

Cleaning out your closet can be a daunting task, especially when it’s been a bit too long since the last great clothing purge. You may be tempted to try every single thing on, but then you may be working on this for days instead of hours. Be realistic about what items make you feel beautiful and which are just taking up precious space.


4. Say Goodbye to the Old

Photo: http://www.maketh-the-man.com/

Photo: http://www.maketh-the-man.com/

Get rid of the items you set aside as soon as possible. You can donate everything to a local thrift store, or you could drop off items at a local consignment. If you’re going to take the time to sell them personally, make sure that they’re worth your time and effort - and don’t put it off, or you’ll just end up with yet another pile of [stuff] you don’t.


5. Say Hello to Your New & Improved Closet

Photo: @jessie-jamesdecker

Photo: @jessie-jamesdecker

After you’ve done all that hard work, take the time to put items back purposefully. The clothes that are left should be the ones that you truly love, so let’s treat them with some respect! Use the vertical space in your closet for any out of season items or things that you need to get off the floor.

For more detailed action steps, download the free Closet Cleanout 101 printable. Use the self-guided checklist to hold yourself accountable, and don’t forget to share your progress with me!

Warning: This guide includes a bit of organizer sassiness, so prepare yourself accordingly.

Download the Closet Cleanout 101 Printable Below

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Turn Clothes Into Cash Using These 5 Apps

The most common reason I’ve heard for an overflowing closet is something along these lines...

"I don’t wear most of it, but I don’t want to just throw it out!"

And you shouldn’t! Throwing away clothes can cost your city more than it helps.

Donating is always a great option - there are many places ready & willing to accept your used clothing to help out those in need, and we’ll talk about those in a future post. If you are looking to earn some cash back from your clothes, there are a few different options available to you.

As a reseller, I’ve learned the ins and outs of some different selling platforms. Some take more time than others to figure out, and that can be a hold up when you just want to get rid of your clothes quickly. I’ve compiled some fast facts & tips into this post in hopes of helping you find what will work best for your closet clean out!

In this post, I'll break down the apps & websites you can use to make cash for your clothes without even leaving your home. Read through to find out my personal favorite!





Sell here if:

You have a lot of “mall brand” items in good condition taking up room in your closet and are not in a huge rush to get some cash back.

How it works:

You simply request a bag to be sent to you from ThredUp’s website. They ship it for free - you fill it with as much as you can, and send it right back to them! They will look through your items to determine if it can be sold. Because of  ThredUp’s growing popularity, it is now taking an average of 53 days to process each bag - that means you’ll have to wait a couple months to get cash back. If you choose to pay 9.99 instead of getting the free bag, they will process your bag within a week of receiving it.

Once they’ve processed your items and determined their worth, you have three options. You can use the amount as credit to buy clothes on ThredUp, donate the money to a charity, or have it sent directly to your Paypal account. Any clothing that they do not deem acceptable to sell are sent to their recycling partners and used to create new products.

What to sell:

Items without defects (no stains, holes, rips, etc.) that are trendy and in-season. They tend to accept more “mall brands” and name brands that are well known. You can use their Payout Estimator to get an idea of how much your items are worth before sending them.





Sell here if:

You have a little more time on your hands and want to get as much as possible for your items. This is also a great platform if you are selling more than just clothes.

How it works:

After taking photos of the items, you can list them through the website or app. The most confusing thing for most new sellers is figuring out shipping options. When listing, you must specify how the item will be shipped and set a shipping cost for the buyer. Personally, I like to list the item a little higher than I would and just offer free shipping, so the few extra dollars for that will come out of my own pocket and I don’t have to do all the work beforehand. If you’re selling a lot of items, investing in a small shipping scale would be a great idea. You can weigh the items and use eBay’s shipping calculator to estimate the price before listing.

You have the choice to set your item up for a “Buy it Now” price or set it as an auction. If you are in a hurry to get things off your hands, I would start with auction. If not, set “Buy it Now” and accept offers from users as well. eBay does a great job of giving recommended prices for items - if they have none, just search the item through eBay and filter for items that have already sold. This will give you an idea of how much it has sold for previously. Once an item is purchased, the buyer will pay through eBay. You can reuse boxes or buy packages of envelopes for smaller items. Print the shipping label through eBay, and you’re good to go!

What to sell:

eBay is a great place to sell because of less restrictions. I have even sold a few items that had tiny holes or damages through eBay auctions to get rid of them - just be sure to make it clear in the listing if this is the case. You can list clothing, accessories, and even other unwanted items around your house such as books or old video games.





Sell here if:

You have more than a few things to get rid of that are popular or trendy brands & styles. This platform is more social than most selling apps, and is also great for someone who wants to sell AND buy (trust me, you’ll be tempted) to keep up a rotating wardrobe.

How it works:

Take photos of your clothes and post them to your “closet” - aka, your selling page within the app. Buyers on Poshmark love to see clear photos showing details of the item, so use as many of the 8 photo spots as you can - photograph the whole item, up close, the brand tag, the inside tags, any blemishes, etc. Set the price a little higher than you would normally ask, because people can offer lower on your item and you can also drop the price yourself later on to trigger discount emails to interested buyers.

If someone makes an offer on your item, you are given the choice to counter offer, accept, or decline. Buyers may also add your item to a “bundle” - they usually do this if you have multiple items that they want, so they only have to pay once for shipping. Once they bundle, you can offer them a personal discount as well. (See all these discounts!? That’s why you should always start higher).

Once an item sells, Poshmark will create the shipping label for you - no confusion! If you are only selling a few items, you can reuse boxes or buy a few bubble mailer envelopes. If you are planning to sell a good chunk of your closet, go to the USPS website and order Tyvek envelopes or a few Priority Mail boxes (for larger items or bundles) to be delivered to you FOR FREE! Yes, they’re free! Order these ahead of time, though, because they sometimes take a bit to arrive. Make sure you get boxes/envelopes that say Priority Mail only, not flat rate or regional rate.

Poshmark sellers love to ship their items like boutique stores - tissue paper, ribbon, and maybe a nice thank you note - but it’s not required. Just make sure the item is protected! Package it up, tape on the shipping label provided by Poshmark, and it’s good to go! Since it’s Priority Mail, you can go to the USPS website and schedule for the item to be picked up at your door the next day. If you want to ship it ASAP or have some time to drive, you can take it to the closest USPS drop box or bring it by the post office to be scanned in.

What to sell:

Items that sell well on Poshmark tend to be trendy and name brand, but I have also seen many items sell well that may not fit into that category. Permitted items include men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, accessories such as purses and phone cases, and jewelry.


Facebook Marketplace + Groups



Sell here if:

You want to get rid of things quickly and not have to deal with shipping or possibly even driving.

How it works:

There are tons of Facebook groups dedicated specifically to reselling within the community - If you don’t know the name of your local groups, ask around, or simply type your city’s name + “garage sale” or “resell” in the search box. This became so popular that Facebook now has a place specifically for selling locally - Facebook Marketplace.

All you need to do is take a picture of your item(s) and post them through the Marketplace. Share any information, how much you are asking, and a general location for pick-up. Once you post to the Marketplace, it will give you the option to also post in those Facebook Groups that allow selling items - this is what we call “cross-posting.” It just makes sure that as many people as possible are seeing your items.

You will receive Facebook messages from local users interested in buying from you. The great thing about selling through Facebook is that you can see who the person is before meeting up, and also see if you have any mutual friends! While some people prefer to meet at a local public place, like the parking lot of a mall or grocery store, you can also just have people come pick-up from your porch if you are comfortable with it.

What to sell:

When it comes to cleaning out your closet, Facebook is great for whole lots of clothing. Have a whole bag of the same size clothes that you want to get rid of? Just post the entire bag for sale, list the general sizes & brands included, and give an asking price. There are also groups dedicated specifically to moms looking for children’s clothes, so if you have growing little ones, this is a quick & easy way to resell.


The RealReal



Sell here if:

You have designer items sitting around just because you know they are money sitting in your closet. They will give you a larger commission than most for these luxury items and also accept accessories like handbags and watches.

How it works:

Choose whether you’d like your items to be picked up from your home or if you want to print a free shipping label to send items to them. In-home pickup is only available in some locations, and Charlotte is one of them! If you want to send them yourself, you let them know exactly what you’re sending by searching their accepted brands and selecting what you have.

The RealReal authenticates, photographs & lists your item to sell - according to the website, they are able to get this done in about 3 days on average. You receive 55% of the selling price for under $1,500 in sales. Because The RealReal is a luxury consignment seller, they do offer higher commission rates for higher priced luxury items.

What to sell:

The expensive stuff. The RealReal is specifically for luxury consignment. This is great for those high-end purses, watches, or clothing items that have been sitting in your closet because they’re worth way too much to let go.


And my favorite is . . .

If you know me, this likely is not a surprise at all. While all of these apps are great for getting cash for your unused clothes, my go-to is always Poshmark.

In my opinion, it is the most fun and the easiest to use - plus you can make a little more if you work for it. Here’s are 3 quick tips for making the most out of Poshmark:

1. Socialize

Poshmark is a very social app and is dedicated to building a community. The more you interact with others through the app, the more likely it is that your things will sell. Follow other users and share some of their items. This will bump their items to the main feed of all of your followers, and most of the time if you share for others, they will share your items to their followers in return.

2. Avoid emojis & fluff

Use clear and simple name titles for your listings. You’ll see other users using emojis to catch attention - don’t do that. The more clear your title, the more likely it is to show up in Google searches. I’ve had many buyers that had brand new Poshmark accounts because they had found the item through Google.

3. Top it with a bow

If you’re planning on using the app consistently to sell, put a little extra time and care into packaging your items. If the buyer receives their order and feels like they ordered from a boutique, they will be way more likely to follow you on Poshmark and potentially purchase something else. Get some tissue paper, ribbon, and maybe even a small thank you note to add some extra love to your package. (Side tip: Use white tissue paper unless you’re wrapping the item in a Ziploc bag or some kind of plastic - rain could cause the tissue color to bleed into clothing, and we wouldn’t want that.)

Some items may take more time to sell, but I promise the outcome is worth it! 

Some items may take more time to sell, but I promise the outcome is worth it! 

If you haven’t used Poshmark yet and want to check it out, make sure to use my code (MINIMIZEDCLOSET) when you sign up to get $5 off of your first purchase through the app! If you’re anything like me, you’ll probably end up using your money from sales to a buy a few things for yourself.

Don’t have the time or energy to sell? Reselling is included in all of my hands-on organization packages.

I’d love to hear from you - share what apps you love using to sell your unused clothing and accessories! Were there any great ones that I left off of the list?



13 Things You Should Get Rid of Today

13 things you should get rid of today

The hardest part of decluttering is usually finding a place to start. Here are 13 things that you can get rid of today to take a step towards the uncluttered home that you deserve.

Grab a bag - or two! One for donations and one for trash.

If you’re not at home, you should probably save this article for later, because we’re doing this together. You’ve been wanting to get rid of the “junk” that’s starting to pile up, so we’re getting started - right now!

1. Let’s start with the beauty products. Nobody needs old or unused makeup or nail polish, but we tend to hold onto things “just in case” or because we don’t take the time to clean out.

Toss nail polish that were gifts but never used, hair products that have just been sitting in your cabinet, and makeup that has reached its end.

2. It can be hard to let go of clothes that don’t fit. Maybe you outgrew them or maybe they never fit to begin with. Having them in your closet not only takes up space but in some cases can also cause self-doubt and frustration.

If this one seems overwhelming and you don’t already have a few pieces that you know don’t fit, grab an empty basket/bag and set it in or near your closet. For the next few weeks, toss in any clothes that don’t fit or that you just no longer love. At the end of the month, donate them. You can take them to a local consignment store, Goodwill, or donate to Minimized Closet.

3.  We took care of the clothes that don’t fit, but don’t forget about the damaged clothing that’s taking up space in your closet as well! Some things may be easy to fix, but if you know that you don’t love it enough to take that time, let it go.

4. If you’re anything like my little sister, this one may be tough for you. It’s time to get rid of those lonely socks. You keep hoping their mates will appear, but they have been stuffed in the back of the drawer alone for too long.

Keep track of those socks from now on by making sure that you put the pairs together as soon as you put laundry away. Leave no sock behind! If you do find stranglers on laundry day, choose a specific spot to leave them so you know just where to look when their match is found.

lonely socks declutter

5. Technology is changing so quickly, that many of us are left with old versions or broken electronics that are no longer useful. Don’t let them collect in a junk drawer - get rid of them!

If it’s just an older version or still has usable parts, you may want to set them aside to sell. If you can commit to it, go for it! Amazon will give you trade-in credit for most electronics, and you can also send them to a few other places for quick cash.

6. While we’re on the topic of technology, let’s step over to those cords & chargers that haven’t been used in years. We’ve all done it - keeping chargers around even though we no longer have the phone or camera to go with it! And does anyone need 6 pairs of Apple headphones? Probably not.

cords chargers declutter

7. If you’re like me and love a good game night, you may also have a collection of games you no longer play or that have missing parts/pieces. It’s tempting to keep them - maybe you’ll want to reminisce and play again one day, or maybe you’ll finally find that missing piece!

If you just no longer play them, donate! If you’re missing parts or pieces, trash it. Nobody wants to buy a game at the thrift store only to find pieces missing.

8. Now that we’ve gotten rid of the games you don’t play, let’s move on to the movies you don’t watch. We are now living a world where we can have access to SO MANY MOVIES without having to keep physical DVDs around the house (or VHS tapes… if you still have those.)

Some may be nostalgic. That’s fine, as long as you actually watch them! Just don’t fall into the trap of collecting all of your favorite DVDs just to have them sit on a shelf and never leave their cases.

9. Sometimes expired medications collect because we’re not sure about the best way to get rid of them. Some medications can be thrown away without worry.

If you’re unsure, you can check this guide. Want to drop them off somewhere? Find a place near you that collects medications to ensure safety.

10. Believe it or not, instruction manuals can now be found anywhere online. You don’t need those papers taking up space in your home! How often do you really go to look at those, anyways? Let’s toss them.

instruction manuals declutter

11. In order to stay decluttered, you’ve got to commit to no more unnecessary multiples. Multiples can accumulate from combining households or simply because you misplace something and accidentally buy another. Either way, there is no great reason for one home to have five measuring tapes or three coffee makers.

12. Have you ever gone to buy storage bins or baskets before planning where they would go? If you have containers that don’t serve a purpose, or a mis-matched collection that is driving you crazy, just let them go.

The idea of them is great, but they may be causing more clutter instead of containing the clutter like you intended. One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to start organizing before you buy the bins. Know what you need before you buy!

13. Now that we’re almost done, it’s time to get serious. We’re going to throw out anything that gives you bad memories. It can be tough to let go, but your happiness is worth more than that sweater or silverware!

Maybe it reminds you of a past relationship every time you put it on. It may bring you to a bad time of your life every time you open the drawer. Whatever it is, do yourself a wonderful favor, and get rid of it. 

declutter organize quote


Don't you already feel so much better? Decluttering and creating an organized home takes time - it's not going to happen in one sitting. But you just took an excellent step towards making your home a happier and more relaxing place. I'm giving you a mental high five (or a hug, whichever you need more)!

matlin signature

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Why I Quit Teaching & Don’t Feel Guilty About It At All. Not One Bit.

Why I Quit Teaching

I knew I wanted to become a teacher before I knew most things about myself. I even have adorable pictures of me reading books to my invisible classes and stories of my 5-year-old gradebooks to prove it.

Once I was in college & spending more of my time in classrooms, I was convinced that I wanted to teach in Title 1 schools. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to help where help was needed. I was going to be so in love with teaching that everyone else would want to teach too!

This is where we get real. (Already!?) Yeah, I know, we got to this realness a little quickly, but here it is. I did not love my job. There were parts of it that I loved. There were these 30-minute spurts where I would say, “Okay, this is what I'm supposed to do. I’ve got this.” But looking back, I realize I was just trying to convince myself.

You may be thinking, “Okay, you didn’t love it… But not many people love their job. Jeez, you must be a millennial.” And you’re right - but I truly believe it was more than just not loving it - it was hurting me.

The first year, I convinced myself that I was just in the wrong place. It was because I was far from my family, from doctors, from Target (that’s a very hard place to be far from in my opinion), and I just didn’t feel right about it. So I moved.

And... you guessed it. That didn’t solve my problems. It was the same thing in a different place. Target (and my family) were a little closer, but it still felt wrong. I stayed this time, determined to make it work, but it just kept hurting.

There came a point where I didn’t feel like myself anymore. I hated when people asked about work, because I didn’t even want to talk about it. When I did talk about it, all I would do was complain. No one wants to hear that any more than I do.

I was tired of dealing with behavior 98% of the time and never being able to teach.

I was tired of feeling like being in my classroom was like being stranded on an island (seriously, when you’re actually wanting people to come observe you, you know something’s wrong.)

I was tired of a lot of other things, too, but we will stop there.

Just so tired.

I loved organizing

I started to realize that I loved putting together organized small group binders more than I liked actually using them in small group.

I loved putting manipulatives, supplies, and other classroom tools into neatly organized bins and labeling them with matching labels more than I enjoyed using those tools to teach.

I loved organizing the classroom in a purposeful way that benefitted students’ learning more than I loved the rest of my job.

When I thought about those children in my classroom, I wondered what I would tell them if they were in my position. Would I tell them to stick it out and try to love their job, or would I tell them to take a risk and do what they love? That one had an easy answer.

So after that school year… I decided to stop doing something I didn’t love to do. I decided to take on my side-gig and make it into a full-time-gig.

And I didn’t feel guilty at all. 

Okay, that’s a total lie. I felt really guilty. I felt like a quitter. I felt like I was doing something horrible by leaving. Our schools need teachers. They need great teachers - that’s what our children deserve!

And this is why, after a while, I realized that I do not feel guilty. Not one bit.

I did not love my job. I don’t have children of my own, but I know that I wouldn’t want a teacher who doesn’t love what they do to teach my children.

I was not a great teacher

I was not great. I was really good at labeling supplies and putting together really amazing binders, but I was not a great teacher. I’m not saying that I think I was a bad teacher, just that I was nothing exceptional.

People liked to think I was exceptional… Why? Because my room was organized. It was put together. Things matched. My binders & paperwork were in perfect order. But that’s because I love to organize, not because I love to teach.

Now I get to do what I love every day. And I get to help other people who don’t love to organize (or just don’t have the time… because let’s be real, that’s most of us) spend more time doing whatever it is that they love to do.

I will always have extraordinary respect for teachers. I couldn’t do it. A lot of people can’t do it. If it’s your passion, and if it’s what you love, thank you. You deserve more.

Starting in August, I will be dedicating 50% of Minimized Closet’s Poshmark sales to thanking wonderful teachers. This will be done through giveaways for teachers as well as school supply donations directly to schools & classrooms. To keep up with giveaways & donations (as well as some organization tips here and there), follow Minimized Closet on Instagram & Facebook.




Our first giveaway has already started - If you’re in the Charlotte area, nominate a teacher to win $100 before August 18th.